Why Do These Trees Look So Inviting?
it's called "Skirting" or "Deadwooding" and it is the practice of removing all the dead limbs up to the healthy live growth. This not only makes your property more beautiful, it is important to the health of your trees and lowers risk of damage from falling limbs!



Ken's Tree Service offers Honest, Affordable, Tree Services in Nevada City, Grass Valley & Placer County foothill areas. Below are testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.

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StatisticsKen's Tree Service Customer Reviews  

"Ken was quick to respond from the first time I called about my tree removal. The price was very competitive and I could not be more happy with the job he did! The cleanup was so good that my property actually looked better than before the tree was removed! I would highly recommend this tree service to all my friends and family!"- Eva Ghioni, Meadow Vista, Ca

"I've had Ken's Tree Service do 2 hazardous tree removals and wouldn't think of using anyone else. The first job was an old 25' Cottonwood Tree hanging over Phone and Power lines to our house. I couldn't believe how quickly Ken responded with a bid and performed the job! I went to work one day, and came home to find the tree gone, all slash cleared, and a neatly stacked pile of Cottonwood rounds. The phone and power lines and all ornamental shrubs in the area of the Tree were untouched. I was impressed so much I had him return to clean up a large Oak that fell during a storm - same results: prompt, courteous, excellent work, and very competitive prices. Ken's Tree service is the best!" - Don Chapman in Colfax, CA

"Ken trimmed and cut a few trees down at a community garden I was working with. He was quick and efficient. I could not have been happier!" - Amy & Joe Netemyer in Lincoln, CA

We Care About Trees!  We know that sometimes trees are a hazard to our homes and families and they need to comedown, even when they are not sick or dead. And while it is our job to remove those trees, we also strongly believe Ken's Tree Service - Environmentally responsible tree companyin caring for our planet and for our trees, and so in the name of each healthy tree that has to come down we make a generous monthly donation towards the planting of new healthy trees through a project sponsored by the Nature Conservancy in their efforts to plant a billion trees in the Atlantic Forest - one of the worlds largest, most biologically diverse, and most threatened rainforests. In addition to this we are also a supporting member of the PG&E Climate Smart Program and Native Energy with annual contributions to Solar & Wind Energy, as well as annual charitable contributions to the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council), Oceana, and more.